An end to end build and deployment orchestrator for package based development on Salesforce that can be implemented in any CI/CD platform of choice. sfpowerscripts is part of the [email protected] initiative, productivity boosters for engineering teams on Salesforce.

Key Features

  • Utilises sfdx-project.json (Salesforce DX Project Configuration) as the source of truth for driving the build system, ensuring very low maintenance on projects and programs often dealing with multiple number of packages
  • Builds packages in parallel by respecting dependencies
  • Ability to selectively build changed packages in a mono repo
  • Ability to deploy only packages that are changed in repo
  • Pooling commands to prepare a pool of scratch orgs with packages pre-installed for optimized Pull/Merge Request Validation
  • Artifacts Driven, all create commands produce an artifact or operate on an artifact
  • Integrate with any CI/CD system of choice
  • Generate changelogs for each release
  • All commands are instrumented providing metrics about various aspects of your CI/CD


A list of people maintaining sfpowerscripts and these pages is available here

How do I submit a query to sfpowerscripts?

Please create an issue using the methods listed here.
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